Graham County Relay for Life 2010.

Here is the awesome video from the 2010 Relay for Life.



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Sneezing, Stuffy Nose, Headache.

I am sick.

My sinus’ are acting a fool!

Thank goodness for Advil Cold and Sinus!

And my Dad for buying


It was an awesome relief from all the congestion. I finally was able to taste my dinner.

My Uncle said he had the same problem and he had to get some type of sinus surgery :/

My Dad of course recommended I make an appointment with the doctor to see if it’s more than just a cold.

Eh. Not a big fan of the doctor, but if it means getting rid of these horrible sinus headaches sign me up!


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Martin Luther King Jr.

In honor of his day, the Martin Luther King Jr’s Speech.

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Ask me anything

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Usually I’m pretty good at Monopoly… except for tonight! I went bankrupt first. Man.. terrible game! lol

This is what I had before I went completely bankrupt :(

This is the camp. My step-dad Brian. All of his assets and money.

His win up close!


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It’s been a busy day and I lost track of time. I didn’t blog for 01-07-11. But since I’m still awake, I think this should count. :)

My busy day started with lunch with my brother and his fiancée at Olive Garden. It was delicious! Next, I went to get my eyebrows because they looked horrid, and now they look great!

After that I went to the Tucson Mall to shop for clothes. I promised my Nana I would look for new clothes, pants most importantly. I’m never hopeful because I don’t often find pants that are affordable and fit me well…Until I walked into Forever 21. I always avoid looking at the racks with jeans because they usually don’t have my size. But because I was in the plus size section, I thought why not. What do you know, I found a great pair of jeans, leggings, and undershirts at great prices! I definitely had a good shopping experience that time.

When I got home I started watching I Used To Be Fat on MTV. My thoughts about the show are for a whole different post. Let’s just keep it at that.

I made tostadas for dinner, and then we went to the TTT Truck Stop Cafe and had dessert. Mom and my step-dad shared the brownie bomb. It was humongous and sooo delicious! The little bro and I shared a deep dish cherry pie al-a-mod.  It was also humongous, but oh so delicious!

For the rest of the night I sewed. I made Pearl a ballet shirt, it’s too cute. I’ll have to post a picture later. I’m also working on fixing my mothers scrubs, they’re getting really old. I guess that means I’m going to have to make her new ones!

All in all it was a good day, and I’m pooped. Good Night, Moon. :)

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Lunch with Ms. Anna Greenberg from Relay for Life. We had some delicious sushi! :)

For dinner my step-dad made Grilled Cheese and Turkey sandwiches from the left over turkey we had from our “thanksgiving dinner” last night. They were absolutely DELICIOUS! :)

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It’s About That Time…

It’s Relay for Life time!! :) Graham County Relay for Life is going to be May 6th through the 7th, 2011. Planning is going well! We have our first meeting, the Kick-Off, January 18, 2011.

I started Relay my senior year of high school, and I loved it. I joined the committee last year as Youth Chair. This year I am Luminaria Co-Chair and I’m super excited for the upcoming events, and of course the relay event in May.

The badge below will take you to my personal page. Please fill free to donate and help support the American Cancer Society :)

This is the link for the Graham County Relay page. This is my home relay. Check it out and see our progress.

This is the link to the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (CAN). ACS CAN is Advocacy for Cancer. When I first heard about it, it seemed difficult. When i researched more about it, it’s actually pretty simple. This year I’m definitely going to be a CAN participant.

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Today started out good.. and now it’s crap. I don’t have anything to say tonight. Good Night, Moon.

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Sugar Cookies

Earlier today I was watching Nigella Lawson earlier and she made sugar cookies. They looked delicious so I decided to make some after dinner. I used this recipe. I used my moms left over frosting she made for my birthday cake. I also used a few different cookie cutters; dog bone, star, flower, and my favorite Mickey Mouse. I experimented with the decorations. Before I finished my mom and step-dad got into them, and they loved ’em!  I’m think I did a pretty good job. Oh, and they want me to make more tomorrow. :)

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