Happy Birthday!

As my Facebook status states: “Only 15 minutes and it’s bye-bye teenage years! :) Hello 20’s. I’m extremely excited to meet you, hopefully you’ll be good to me!”

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First Post

Hello World! My name is Alexandria Duran. I’m 19 years old and I’m a sophomore in college. I recently learned how to sew and now I absolutely love it. I’m also starting to scrapbook again. More about me and my everyday life will unfold throughout my blog.

I first started sewing with my Nana. The only think I knew how to do was sew two pieces together, and even then it wasn’t pretty.

This past summer I took a quilting class and learned a lot in a short amount of time. Fall semester I took a sewing class. I learned how to sew clothes and how to really use a sewing machine. About half way through the semester I took out one of my Nana’s sewing machines and I set it up in my room. The machine was a little old, good quality, but old. For Christmas my mom bought me Singer Promise! I haven’t really used it, but I’m excited to start my new projects!

When I was about 13 my step-mom started to get into scrapbooking and she was hooked. She also got my step-sisters and I hooked. We would spend the weekends making pages, and cards. We always had a good time. When my step mom passed away in 2005 we stopped scrapbooking. I still had all of her tools, paper, and stamps but I didn’t continue. This past year I started getting interested again. A friends mom is a consultant for Close to My Heart so I started going to her workshops. Now I’m hooked, again! :)

I don’t have too many exciting adventures, but when I do I love to take pictures. The pictures are usually of my shoes.

For some reason I like to take pictures of my shoes wherever I am. My mom thinks I’m silly, but they’re actually pretty awesome! Here’s one of my favorites. I took it at one of my little brothers soccer games. The clouds looked pretty and the picture came out awesome.

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